Your’ll Never Walk Alone


By : Gerry and The Pacemakers


C              AM                   G

When You walk through a strom hold your head up high

F          EM             G

And don’t be affraid of the dark

DM                   AM

At the end of a  strom is a  golden sky

F      (Em)   Dm   (C)   G

An the sweet silver song of a lark,

Am               Dm

Walk on through the wind,

C                   G

Walk on through the rain

C   Em    F

Tho’your dreams be tossed and blown.

C    Am   F    G

Walk on, walk on with  hope in your heart

C/G  ( Em)   F   G

And you’ll never walk alone

G   F   C

You’ll never walk alone.



It’s taken from


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