Everyone believe in this world no one have thing in perfection. So that’s normal if you all want can do everything well.

For example, If you fell less in english for speaking or writing, so you don’t have to worry about that. Let’s we find the easy way to improve our weakness in english.

I have some like a tips to everybody maybe usefull namely:

1. Have goodwill, With this we can do enjoy and feel happy from first, Because goodwill ussually from heart.

2. Motivation, It will influence our achievement for improving in english slow or fast.

3. Effort, although we have both above(1,2) that’s just not enough, because It will make you get direct   the         information of your english skill level, low,middle, or maybe high.

4. Practice, You can improve english fast with doing this thing.

Good trying.

Perfection, fullness, completeness only have GOD, Weakness come from Human like us.



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